Look Us Real Estate & Relocation

About Us

As Look Us we are a national real estate company providing professional services to customers from embassies, international companies and foreign missions in Ankara, Turkey.

With a long  experience of more than 15 years in real estate sector, our team has the expertise and understanding to make your new adventure as comfortable and smooth as possible. Our goal is to assist our clients with a maximum transparency and make that potentially emotional and stressful time smoother.

We provide rental services to expats looking for the best place to live in Ankara. Unlike most of the other local agencies we are not only focused on city center or suburbs, on the contrary we have a good grasp of both where most of the expats prefers to live in.  

We have a wide variety of furnished and unfurnished apartments and villas, offices and buildings in every size in our portfolio.

All you need to do is to tell us what you want. A small or spacious apartment in city center? A lovely family villa out of the city? An office in the financial district? You name it, and we'll find it from our database of over 1,000 condos, apartments and villas suiting your needs and likes.

We also provide a complete range of services which includes:

At the beginning: a city tour which helps you to make a better decision on the area where you prefer to live, turning on utilities (i.e. electricity, water, gas, Internet), obtaining a local bank account, obtaining a local cell number, applying for a tax number, registering cell phones, assisting on curtain and furniture shopping;

During your stay: arranging maids & nannies, recommending dry cleaners, arranging service appointments for out of order appliances, making arrangement for painter, plumber and handy man appointments;

While you are moving: out closing accounts, utilities, arranging final walk through with the landlord.

Basically we assist our clients on every stage during settling in, living and moving out phases. We are passionate about helping our clients to see Ankara as their second home instead of just a temporary place of residence. Since the beginning, we have tried to deliver flexible solutions with exceptional service for our clients. We owe a huge thanks to our employees for trying to be the best in the real estate and relocation industry!